Antique Bergamasco Cabinet Photo Prince of Wales King Edward VII in St Petersburg for Wedding of Tsar Alexander II 1866 Bergamasco


Fine antique Cabinet photo by Bergamasco of St Petersburg of the Prince of Wales later King Edward VII photographed in Russia whilst there for the wedding of Tsar Alexander III  to Princess Dagmar of Denmark in 1866, dressed in Hussar uniform. Princess Alexandra was unable to attend being pregnant with her third child.

Charles Bergamasco was born in Northern Italy and moved to St Petersburg in the 1840s with his mother, a painter. He started as an actor at the French Theatre in St Petersburg but became interested in the daguerreotype process and went to Paris to study it. He returned to St Petersburg to open his own studio and after a few years became well known there and in the royal and aristocratic courts of Europe.

Size: 17 x 11 cm approx

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