Antique Photographic Postcard of the Imperial Russian Theatre Actress Princess Lydia Borisovna Bariatinsky Yavorskaya

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Fine antique photographic postcard of the Russian theatre actress Princess Lydia Borisovna Bariatinsky (1871-1921). and the American novelist Henry James (1843-1916)

Lydia was born in 1871 in Kiev. Her father, B. Gubbenet, was a Frenchman by birth, and Chief of Police. She married a man called Yavorski while in Kiev, but he was a drunk and a womanizer, and so she quickly divorced him.

She was considered a great beauty and was painted by Ilya Repin, had a bust of her sculpted by Prince Paul Troubetskoy, and had a brief affair with Anton Chekhov.

In 1889 Yavorskaya entered the Theatre School in St Petersburg, and then studied at the Comedie Francaise in Paris. She made her debut in 1893 in Revel and later was invited to the Moscow Theatre. Between 1907-1918 she went on tour of Russia, London and Paris.

In 1894 she married the naval officer and writer Prince Vladimir Vladimirovich Bariatinsky. They divorced in 1916 and it was said that Rasputin was involved in pushing through the divorce. When the Russian revolution went to London, where in 1920 she married the English historian, Sir Frederick John Pollock, 4th Baronet. She was a close friend and neighbour of Henry James. She died in London in 1921.

Size: 15.5 x 10 cm approx

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