Archduke Rudolf Habsburg of Austria Signed Autograph Letter 1948


Fine signed letter from Archduke Rudolf of Austria (5 September 1919 – 15 May 2010)  dated 31st August 1948. He was the sixth child and youngest son of Emperor Charles I of Austria and Zita of Bourbon-Parma.He was born in Prangins, Switzerland, where the Austrian imperial family were staying after they had been sent into exile. He was named after Count Rudolph IV of Habsburg.

Educated with his siblings first in Spain then in Belgium, in 1944 he and his brother Archduke Carl Ludwig of Austria secretly entered Austria to join the Austrian resistance, but Rudolf was expelled in 1946 once his membership in the formerly imperial House of Habsburg was exposed. After the war he travelled to the United States, Canada and the Belgian Congo. Rudolf worked as a Wall Street junior executive and a bank director. Rudolph was survived by two older brothers; Otto and Felix.

The letter is on embossed headed paper of Calvin Bullock and addressed to Hugh Bullock (1921-1996), a Wall Street financier, businessman and promoter of Anglo-American goodwill during World War II. He become president of his father's company Calvin Bullock Ltd., in 1946 after his father's death, a firm founded by and named after his father, and sold the company to the Equitable Life Assurance Company in 1984.

"Allo, 'allo

I have found out that there are no lectures before the end of September though Miss Mack and Smith. Would you like me to make further enquiries, or to tell anybody about your meeting?
I hope that the weather in Royalston is just as wonderful, as it was during the week-end. Here it is much cooler.

Count Degenfeld and myself had yeterday a very pleasant trip to NY. We stopped at the place on 202 overlooking the Massachusetts (achusetts) hills and the new lake toward the red horizon of the early dawn (all very nice, but sometimes you prefer to dream about it).

Count Degenfeld had thought it advisable not to take his top-coat along from Wash. and made some "funny" remarks about my sweater and coat during our 4am breackfast. Very soon however, he started to be cold and tried to turn on the torrid-air, which, as you know nealry being electrocuted once, is disconnected. He made all sorts of noises till I finally had to cloe the top down, as the weather was wonderfully warm, and we arrived at 9am at my apartment.

Yesterday I was "mighty tired", but today I don't have to live on coffee alone.

As "tings" are standing today, I will have to go to Wash. next week-end, but could come to Royalston the week-end after that, if Mrs Bullock agrees (Sept 11 and 12.) I hope that you'll be able to come!


I enjoyed last week-end and again very much. Would you, please, give my thanks to Mrs Bullock"

Size: 21.5 x 14 cm approx

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