Captain Esteban Martinez Spanish Aeronaut Balloonist Antique Calling Card


Rare calling card in English from Spanish Aeronaut Captain Esteban Martinez(1860-1909), printed with an eagle with outstretched wings, giving his address simply as Madrid, annotated in pencil possibly with his telephone number. interestingly his surname has been embossed.

He was born in Spain entering the Spanish army as an officer where he became interested in avaiation.
By 1888 he had made 128 ascents and 246 by the time he went missing in 1909.

He flew in Cuba, Spain, N.& S.America; made ascents in Almayro Argentina and in 1888 visited the USA to see if he could interest Thomas Edison in providing an electric motor for his balloon propulsion device. He also made an ascent in 1888 from Glen Island, NY where no parachute was used. However his most epic flight took place on 14th September 1909 from Valencia in Mariposa - the balloon was last seen 30 miles offshore, heading towards the Balearic Isles - he was not seen again

Size: 10.5 x 6 cm approx

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