Humorous Antique Victorian Printed Bill Poster for a Lost Young Lady circa 1865


Humorous printed Victorian bill poster circa 1865 for a lost young lady who has disappeared with half a crown.

About the 35th of next month, a Tall, Beautiful and Finely-Scented YOUNG LADY
21 years high, 3 feet 4 inches of age; very fair, pot marked Complexion, Red Eyes and Green Hair.
When last seen, she was wearing a double-barrelled plain embroidered More Anna Teacake Silk dress, with a German Band round her neck, trimmed with greens and rubarb; a fashioned Wrought Iron Jacket, with sausage collar, and turn up sleeves. festooned with hob nails and oyster shells, water-tight paper boots, with paten left-handed tops and rounded bottoms, and lavender and Eau de Cologne rosettes in front; a pair of Paris Berlin stockings, with potate heels and sides, a cream-coloured Green Bonnet, the strings tied round her waist, and trimmed with Cocoa Nuts and Vegetable Marrows. She also wore a large Chignon, about 2 years high, which was decorated with parsley and mahogany shavings; and invisible Cast Iron Copper Hair Net-a present from the Dogger Bank Fisheries, and satchel in one hand,  known to contain hosehold furniture and effects, and in the other a patent Electroplated Glasses Bronzed Sunshade. Her Gloves were made of Belgrave Brass knockers from Pompeii and cast at Jerusalem to order, a Waist belt very broad of belief, looped with a Grecian bend in front and tied with the Suez Canal at the Bottom. She is left handed in one eye and knockkneed in the other, looks round when walking straight, and carries 5,000 pairs of Keel's Paten Rink Skates under her arm, and is supposed to be on her way to Matrimonialshire. he was born before her father and mother, who left home three weeks before.
She was last seen driving to the Load Stone Mine through the Arcade, accompanied by the Shah, with the new 81 ton gun on his back, and Davy Jones a his Coachman.
Any person giving such information as will lead to her recovery and will return the half-crown that was lent the week before, will receive 10 hours in money from Captain Kidd the Organ Grinder.
Price One Penny"

Housed in a modern wooden black frame and has been conserved under UV glass by Pure & Applied conservation framers of London.

Frame Size: 27 x 33.5 cm approx
Poster Size: 24 x 12.5 cm approx

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