Joseph Kschessinsky World War I Antique Imperial Russian Signed Letter to his Son 1915


Fine interesting letter dated from Joseph Kschessinsky (1868-1942), to his son Slava discussing the World War I and Poland. He was brother of the famous Prime Ballerina Mathilde Kschessinskaya, mistress to three Russian grand dukes including Nicholas II.

Born into a family of 13 children of Polish extraction that could trace its distinguished theatrical affiliations back for several generations. Joseph perished in the siege of Leningrad, like his more famous sisters Mathilde and Julie, danced in St. Petersburg at the Mariinsky Theatre, where their mother once performed and their father, the revered character dancer Felix Kschessinsky, appeared for 60 years.

He married Serafima Astafiev (Sima) (1823-1934), she graduated from the Imperial Ballet School to the Maryinsky in 1895 and was in Diaghilev's company 1909-1911.

"GORY" [Mountains]
Serebryanka Station. North Western Railway
I.F. Kschesinsky
English Pointers
breeding Farms
Spasskay 18, Apt. 43

1915 15th September

Dear Slavik

In 3 weeks from now it is your Name's Day, but due to this horrible war we are so far away that it is necessary to send you congratulations now. I shall wish you joy and, probably, the most important thing is for you to grow healthy, strong and honest and hardworking, love your nationality like your Mother and Father and be proud that you are the son of the elder Slavic nations. Our and my beloved Poland broken down and damned godless Germans, everything is destroyed, everything is ruined, but we Slavs have been made extremly unhappy at the moment by our traitor, our younger sister Bulgaria, which is ruled by a swineherd German. But with God's will the war will be over, and Russia will sober up and embark upon an honest and legal path and will extend a helping hand to us, the Polish people, and we will move towards glory together. By that time you will learn sciences and will join your Father and work togetehr, that is what I wish for you! God bless you. Love everybody, everybody, always except those rejected by God non-Christian Germans. I hug you tightly.

If you need us, we are here. We are sad that you are not with us. We love you dearly. Father"

Size: 28.5 x 22 cm approx

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