Prince Nikita Romanov of Russia Signed letter to his Brother Prince Alexander 1950


Fine signed letter from one Romanov brother to another: Prince Nikita Nikitich Romanov (1923-2007), to Prince Alexander Nikitich Romanov (1929-2002), dated San Mateo in California, 11th May 1950, on his work stationery regarding a forthcoming visit, and the lack of money in order to help support such a trip.

"11 May 50

Dear Alexander,

I was very pleased to receive your letter and find out that everything is all right with you. It will be marvellous if you come. Only, to my deep regret, I cannot send you anything because I do not have money (some time ago I put $65 aside for you for such an eventuality, but had to put it into the business at a difficult time). I cannot take anything out of the business, as we now have to pay for our goods which we have bought. I repeat, we will be ... pleased to see you. ? Vasya is not in a position to pay, either. He says that he will try to find ... Bring a chess set and our map.

I kiss you. Your Nikita.

I kiss Lir (?) and greetings to Otic?

When you come, telephone me in the shop, telephone on other side, Uncle Vasya in City of Paris (department store) ask for wine department not for Uncle Vasya. Tel. Douglas 2-4500, he is there from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. And in the Shop from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. If there is no answer in these two places, telephone Palo Alto, Davenport 2-9173, ask for Mrs. Scholl, the owner and a great friend of Uncle Vasya and Aunt Natalia, she lives next door to them. Say who you are.
If you can, speak to D. Liri (?), to Mishka Kalashnikov and Prince Beloselsky about a position for Papa. Stamps, a library? Perhaps Beloselsky could give Papa and Mama an affidavit, or someone else could. Talk about this with D. Liri and Mishka Kalashnikov"

Nikita and Alexander were British born members of the Romanov family, both were son's of Prince Nikita Alexandrovich of Russia, their grandmother was Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna, sister of Tsar Nicholas II. Nikita became an American historian and writer, author of a book about Ivan the Terrible. Alexander became the first member of the Romanov family to visit Russia after the Revolution.

Size: 26.5 x 18.5 cm approx

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