Princess Radziwill Louise Blanc Signed Card Villa Les Dunes Cannes 1880

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Fine signed card on embossed Les Dunes stionery with a princely crown from Princess Constantin Radziwill, nee Louise Blanc (1854-1911). She was the daughter of François Blanc, who founded the Casino in Monte Carlo and contributed largely to the creation of modern Monaco. She married Prince Constantin Radziwill (1850-1920). The Radziwills' son Léon was a World War I hero and a friend of Marcel Proust. The card is written in French and addressed to Mrs Richard Winslow at Villa Winslow in Cannes circa 1880 inviting her for dinner.

The Villa des Dunes was constructed in 1868 for the Prince on the elegant Boulevard de la Croisette on Cannes' waterfront. Its most famous moment was for several months in 1879-80 when Tsarina Marie Alexandrovna of Russia spent the winter in Cannes on the advice of her physician, and chose the Villa as her residence. This established Cannes as a resort for the Russian nobility for years to come, and raised the Villa des Dunes for a time to the status of imperial residence.

From the collection of Richard and Mary Winslow, English aristocrats who had the Villa Winslow in Cannes during the 1890s and were friends with aristocrats and royals from all over the world. Mary was a great beauty and had by family traditon once been a mistress of the Prince of Wales, later King Edward VII.

"Dear Madam,

We were delighted to hear that you are back in Cannes. I would take the greatest pleasure to see you again. I ask you to have the kindness to come for dinner tomorrow Saturday with us at 8pm.

With good wishes (thousand good wishes)

Princess C. Radziwill"

Envelope Size: 13.5 x 10.5 cm approx

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