Queen Elizabeth Queen Mother Signed Christmas Card to her Niece Princess Anne of Denmark 1975


Rare signed royal Christmas card fromQueen Elizabeth the Queen Mother (4 August 1900 – 30 March 2002) to to her Niece Princess Anne of Denmark for 1975.

She was the wife of King George VI and the mother of Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon. She was Queen consort of the United Kingdom and the Dominions from her husband's accession in 1936 until his death in 1952, after which she was known as Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, to avoid confusion with her daughter. She was the last Empress of India.

Born into a family of British nobility as The Honourable Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, she became Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon when her father inherited the Scottish Earldom of Strathmore and Kinghorne in 1904. She came to prominence in 1923 when she married Albert, Duke of York, the second son of King George V and Queen Mary. The couple and their daughters embodied traditional ideas of family and public service. She undertook a variety of public engagements and became known as the "Smiling Duchess" because of her consistent public expression.

In 1936, her husband unexpectedly became King when his brother, Edward VIII, abdicated in order to marry the American divorcée Wallis Simpson. As Queen, Elizabeth accompanied her husband on diplomatic tours to France and North America before the start of World War II. During the war, her seemingly indomitable spirit provided moral support to the British public. In recognition of her role as an asset to British interests, Adolf Hitler described her as "the most dangerous woman in Europe". After the war, her husband's health deteriorated and she was widowed at the age of 51.

On the death of her mother-in-law, Queen Mary, in 1953 and with the former King Edward VIII living abroad and her elder daughter, the new Queen, aged 26, Elizabeth became the senior member of the British Royal Family and assumed a position as family matriarch. In her later years, she was a consistently popular member of the family, even when other members were suffering from low levels of public approval. She continued an active public life until just a few months before her death at the age of 101, seven weeks after the death of her younger daughter, Princess Margaret.

The Christmas card has a lovely original black and white photo of the Queen Mother with two of her grandsons Prince Charles and Prince Andrew and has a gold embossed crown on the front cover. It was sent to her niece Princess Anne of Denmark (4 December 1917 – 26 September 1980) and her second husband Prince Georg. She was the mother of royal photographer Patrick Anson, 5th Earl of Lichfield, and a first cousin of Elizabeth II. She was born Anne Ferelith Fenella Bowes-Lyon in Washington, D.C., in 1917. Her father was Hon. John Herbert Bowes-Lyon and her mother was née Hon. Fenella Hepburn-Stuart-Forbes-Trefusis, daughter of The 21st Baron Clinton. Anne had three sisters, two of whom were Nerissa and Katherine Bowes-Lyon. These sisters were later known as 'the Queen's hidden cousins', institutionalized since 1941 for mental disorders. Anne's paternal grandfather was The 14th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne, father of her aunt Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, who was born Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon.

Anne married Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas William Arnold Anson, Viscount Anson (1913–1958), the eldest son and heir apparent of Thomas Edward Anson, 4th Earl of Lichfield (1883–1960). Anne and Viscount Anson were divorced in 1948 and on 16 September 1950 at Glamis Castle she subsequently married Prince George Valdemar of Denmark, upon which she became Princess Anne of Denmark. Her second husband was a great-grandson of both King Christian IX of Denmark and King Oscar II of Sweden and Norway. Anne died in 1980, aged 62, in London, of a myocardial infarction.

"darling Anne & Georg
Aunt Elizabeth"

Size: 23.5 x 18.5 cm approx

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