Rare Georgian Handwritten Royal Menu for King George IV Chef Armand Vilmet 1826


Rare handwritten royal menu for a dinner served to King George IV (1762-1830), and 8 guests, written in brown ink on feintly lined paper with a 'R & W 1826' watermark. The establishment consisted of master cooks appointed by royal warrant, This menu was prepared by Amand Vilmet Chief Cook to King George IV, Vilemt was Chief Cook at Carlton House 26th October 1822 and was employed between 1812 and 1830. He was a favourite of King George IV and was nicknamed Jack Hammond.

Menus as we understand them today, did not exisit until the 1850s and so menus were generally written into large ledger books by the Chef. Buckingham Palace has scores of volumes of meals prepared by royal chefs with similar pages such as this and so it can be assumed that this was probably torn out as a souvenir for a gust at the dinner. Very few of these exist on the open market.

The menu lists a total of 25 dishes under eight sections, with headings: Potages, Poissons, Releves, Entrees, Rots, Releve, Entremets and Buffet. Dishes include "Le Gigot de sept heures," "Les Poulets aux Choufleurs." "Les Escallopes de Veau a l'ecossaise" and a haunch of venison. The individual cook responsible for each dish is identified in the left margin (Houggins, Mrs. Smith, Miller, Mrs. Morton and Brudenell).

Size: 32 x 14.5 cm approx

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